Spectra Precision LL100

  • Complete system in one case— includes LL100 laser, Hr320 receiver, c59 receiver clamp, tripod, and choice of grade rod—allowing convenient storage for transportation
  • Retail packaging increases showroom awareness and sales
  • Easy to transport, easy to store, easy to use

Spectra Precision LL300

  • Automatic self-leveling
  • Accuracy 3/32 inch @ 100 ft 2.2mm @ 30 m
  • Working range of 1,650 ft (500 m) diameter
  • Simple one-button operation for quick start up
  • Height of Instrument Alert - unit stops rotating when jarred to avoid erroneous readings

Spectra Precision LL400

  • 2,600 ft (800 m) working diameter which increases productivity by reducing need for multiple set-ups on a large job site
  • Fast setup, minimal training time and automatic self-leveling minimize operating costs and boost productivity

Spectra Precision LL500

  • Checking and adjusting elevations
  • Taking grade shots
  • Excavating cutting depth
  • Basement excavation
  • Digging septic tanks
  • Digging footings
  • Setting forms
  • Checking sub-base materials
  • Screeding concrete

Spectra Precision HV301

  • Composite material housing is rugged, lightweight and ip54 weatherproof making it easy for contractor to carry and use in demanding jobsite conditions, reducing repair downtime
  • Fully automatic self-leveling in both horizontal and vertical for fast, accurate setup in horizontal and vertical applications

Spectra Precision HV301G

  • High visibility green beam is four times more visible than standard red beam lasers allowing work at longer distances and in brighter conditions
  • Automatic self-leveling in horizontal and vertical applications increases productivity with fast setups and minimal training

Spectra Precision UL633

  • Automatic electronic self- leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup
  • Large compensated grade range from -25% to +25%

Spectra Precision GL622

  • GL622 is a dual grade laser with a compensated grade range of -25% to +25% Vertical and horizontal setups are also compensated
  • Quick setups with the 2-way radio remote control, and single and dual grade application capability

Spectra Precision GL700

  • As the leader in construction positioning technology, Trimble continually provides innovative solutions to help you gain the edge and succeed in this environment

Spectra Precision GL710, GL720

  • Temperature compensation provides accurate stable results regardless of temperature changes
  • Long battery life and flexible power options keep the unit working throughout the day

Spectra Precision DR400

  • Extremely portable, universal system that eliminates the need to carry, transport, or maintain multiple grade rod types
  • Increases safety, reducing the need to lean over or go into excavations or trenches


  • Small and compact Fits in your pocket; easy to carry and transport
  • Simple to operate Press a single button and measure
  • Indoor and Outdoor Versatile, use anywhere


  • Small and compact Fits in your pocket
  • Simple to operate Press a single button and measure
  • Indoor and Outdoor Versatile, use anywhere


  • High accuracy mm (±1/24 inch) accuracy for precise work
  • Long range measurements m (650 feet) range
  • ILarge LCD,Easy to see in all conditions indoor and outdoor